How to Save Money on Modest Bridesmaid Dresses


Do you have more than a handful of bridesmaids for your wedding? Whether you will be paying for the dresses or your bridesmaids will pay for their own, everyone will probably end up looking for ways to lower the cost of your modest bridesmaid dresses.

While there are a lot of stores that offer a great selection of modest bridesmaid dresses, some of them can be expensive and most of the time, you are unable to find the right style or cut that you have always envisioned for your dream wedding.

Lucky enough, there are alternative ways for you to get your hands on the modest bridesmaid dresses aside from without having to break the bank!

Alternatives to getting your modest bridesmaid dresses for a cheaper price


A quite obvious choice is to rent out your gowns for the big day. You can even rent out your bridal gown. This is an option if you want a style that is too grand to be used for other occasions or something that your bridesmaids will probably not wear as often. Of course, if you go with this option, your bridesmaids will have to be extra careful handling their dresses since they have to return them in mint condition. If you know your reception is going to be a wild party, this may probably not be the best choice.

First-use deals

You can also work with a designer and make a first-use deal meaning you pay for the gowns at a lower price by letting them keep the gowns after you use them. This is a pretty common deal for those who own gown rentals as well.

Secondhand dresses

An option you could look into is to purchase used bridesmaid dresses. Secondhand dresses come with a lower price tag compared to new dresses. You can find them in online stores, selling groups on social media, auction websites, and many more. All you have to do is make sure that the dresses will fit your bridesmaids.


Found a cheap set of bridesmaid dresses but the style is a bit old-fashioned? You can update the design by having them altered. There are many ways that a dress can be altered to make it unique and up to date with the latest styles.

Thrift shopping

These days, your bridesmaid dresses do not need to be uniform. Mix and matching bridesmaid dresses with the same color palette or prints are a normal fixture now that allows bridesmaids to show off their own personality and style. You can all go thrift shopping for dresses and then have them altered to have a common element among your picks.

Consider prom dresses

Another way to get your bridesmaid dresses at a lower cost is to check out prom dresses. Prom dresses these days are actually mature-looking and can easily pass off as bridesmaid dresses. This is a great solution especially if you do your wedding shopping after prom season where major sales and deals usually take place.

Consider cocktail dresses

Long gowns may look more classy and they are definitely more modest to look at but cocktail dresses can be modest too. All you have to do is look for a modest neckline or choose one that has sleeves. Because cocktail dresses are shorter, they cost less as well. Cocktail dresses actually look good in all shapes and sizes and they are more practical for dancing in the reception.

DIY it!

If you are crafty and are great with sewing projects, why not make it a DIY project? You can save money on the materials and this will still make sure that the dress will fit nicely. Have your girls fitted and start looking for sewing patterns that you can do. This is a great option if you are not that busy and you still have months to prepare before the wedding.


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