Should you really get false nails done?


Getting your nails done can be such a great way to give yourself a treat. As the years go by, the world continues to see new styles and colors of false nails. They are also well represented by the female community all over the world. Fixing nails is also a form of livelihood for many throughout the globe.

Faux ongles can make a perfect fashion statement. Although they used to be worn by people whose nails won’t grow long, it is now a good way to express yourself in style. There are now worn to match clothes, for particular parties, to show solidarity to a cause or as a part of celebration for a holiday.

What Kinds of false nails Are Available?

False nails may come in for acrylic or gel. A the third type that is usually used to fix nails that are damaged or make them stronger is called silks

1. Acrylic

Acrylic is a plastic material. It also happens to be the go-to choice for many. When you mix a powder with liquid and then brush it on the glued on tip of the nails, it forms a hard shell called acrylic. For your nail tips to bond to it, your natural nails need to be filed down to make them rough enough.

As a result of the normal growth of your natural nail, there is bound to be a gap between the cuticle the acrylic nail. This requires that you visit the nail salon every 2 to 3 weeks to get the gap filled, or you could learn to do it yourself.

The chemicals used to fill up the gap may cause weakness to your real nails. And for people who already have fungal infections, there is a risk of making it worse or even developing new problems.

2. Gels

Gels can be more expensive. They also last longer than the aforementioned acrylic nail. In this process, the gel is painted on nail polish, your nails are now put under ultraviolet light. The purpose of this is to harden the gel.

The problem with this process is that ultraviolet (UV) light can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Things like wrinkles and age spots can are caused by ultraviolet light. Excess ultraviolet light can also lead to cancer of the skin. Although there have been no reported cases of skin cancer in nail salons caused by ultraviolet light, not from the manicurists and not from customers either.

Possible Dangers with False nails

Fixing these artificial nails can be damaging to your real nails. It is important to know what problems can occur.

You might have allergic reactions to the chemicals that were used in the process. This may lead to irritation, redness, or swelling of fingernails.


If you happen to bang your nails against any object, your real nail may be dislodged from its original position. This may allow for bacteria or fungal infections. You are advised to see your doctor if you suspect any infection or if you start seeing colors of green for a bacterial infection or white or yellow spot for fungal infection on your real nail.

Overall, you are more likely to be fine when you use false nails.

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