Essential Facts Concerning Lace Closures


Various types of hair exist in the market, like wigs, weaves, and extensions. One of the most common hair extension types is closures. Lace wig closures are hair extensions that close off a wig installation or style. Also, they protect your hair, making them a great protective style. Other than lace, closures can also have a silk base; however, lace is more common since it looks more like the scalp. Lace closure wigs come in varying sizes, for example, the 4×4 lace closure wig. In this extract, we look at things you should know about lace closures. 

Types of lace closures

Lace closures come in varying forms based on different factors. We discuss these types based on the sizes, parting, and texture which influences the type of hair.

1. Lace closure sizes

These closures are made with different base sizes and shapes. Some are square, while others are rectangular in shape. The forms are mostly 4×4, but other sizes are available, like the 4×5, 4×3.5, or 5×5 lace wig closures. The bases are convenient for various head sizes. Before making a closure or installing one, it’s important to measure your head size or have a professional do it for you.

2. Lace closure parting

Unlike frontals, where you can part anywhere in the front, lace closures have three ways of parting. Free part closures allow you to style in any direction since the parting is not limited to a particular point. They provide more styling versatility than the other two kinds. You can style a middle part closure in one way only by parting along its center. A three-part closure gives you three parting options, which is better than the middle part type. They include parting in the middle, right or left side.

3. Lace closure textures

The texture of a lace closure wig determines what kind of hair you find. Lace closures come in several textures, and we look at the most common below.

a. Malaysian hair closure

Malaysian hair is more affordable than most hair types in the market. The closure comes in a straight, silky texture or body wave for those who prefer volume and a fuller body. It works well with multiple hair bundles, thus saving you money.

b. Brazilian hair closures

Brazilian closures come in more texture than any other hair. You can have the Brazilian straight silk, kinky straight, kinky curly, afro kinky, body wave, loose wave, and deep wave. The many textures are perfect for every look you wish to wear and blend with your natural hair.

4. Lace closures and bundles

Typically, a lace closure running from temple to temple will use 3 to 5 bundles. However, this may change due to varying hair lengths, textures, and thickness. Two bundles will work for hair between 18 to 24 inches while 16 to 22 inches; three bundles are needed. You will need four bundles for anything above 22 inches, but the number can always change.


Lace closure wigs are excellent, especially when your hair texture doesn’t match your install. However, with the vast selection of textures, you can find what suits you best, with a definite parting to mimic your scalp. Closures are not as wide as frontals but, you can always find one to fit your head since they come in multiple sizes.

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